Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Final Chapter

by all of us

It is not with sadness, but melancholy, that we at From The Write Angle announce we are disbanding, inter-marrying and moving into condominiums.

Wait, that was Doonesbury.

We have only been the imaginings of an autistic boy looking into a snow globe. … No, that was St.Elsewhere.

The war is over – nope, M*A*S*H.

We can’t continue because we’ve been jailed for criminal indifference. We haven’t, that was the characters of Seinfeld, but maybe we should all do a little time for that offense.

What we’re trying to say is we are moving on.

From The Write Angle began in 2011 on the premise that we are often best helped not by those who have reached the top of the climb, but by our peers just a rung or two ahead of us. As a collection of writers at different levels on the ladder, we offered our thoughts from our point of view, our angle.

But our angles have changed. Each of us has kept to our own climb, which now takes us away from this blog.

For our readers who have journeyed with us, thank you. We hope we have helped. For those who have just found us, we leave behind these articles not as sage advice, but just as clues, hints, of how we got where you are now, with the hope that they will guide you toward a better tomorrow.

And we wish that your success will one day inspire others.

In the comments of this post each of the contributors to From The Write Angle, past and present, will write a little something about where they were when they joined us, and where they are now. After that, the automatic lights will go out. This blog will be dark.

But as soon as someone walks through the door, the lights will click on.

If you are a budding writer who has stumbled on this anew, please keep posting comments. We’ll be listening. 


JeffO said...

I'm very sorry to hear this, but understand completely. I appreciate the work of so many talented people and the great advice and morale boosting freely dispensed here for so many years. Best of luck to all of you, and thanks again.

Deborah Hawkins said...

Dang. I'll miss this blog!

Sophie Perinot said...

That was then . . . this is now, eh? When From the Write Angle began in 2011 I was a lady-in-waiting or shall I say awaiting: awaiting publication of my debut novel (The Sister Queen/March 2012) with Penguin. Now I am 63 days away from the publication of a new novel with St. Martins (M├ędicis Daughter/Dec 2015) and the manuscript for “what’s next” after that sits on my agent’s desk. In between I became a hybrid—participating in an award winning Indie published “novel in six parts” (A Day of Fire/Nov 2014). And through it all, this place—From the Write Angle—and the people who made it happen were a constant: providing stability, ideas and companionship. I hope that is what we’ve provided for our readers as well. See you amongst the bookshelves! Best, Sophie Perinot

Matt Sinclair said...

When we launched this blog, I was working to polish up a novel and its related query and quietly pondering whether I should venture into the self-publishing field if it didn't capture any attention. Now, four years later, I'm a publisher with my company's tenth book nearly complete. I continue to learn from my colleagues here and the readers we've touched -- many of whom are now Elephant's Bookshelf Press authors as well! I won't be surprised if many of the FTWA bloggers continue to work together in one fashion or another. Who knows? Perhaps years from now we'll get the band back together to play something altogether new!

rklewis said...

I didn't contribute here very much, however I've always been glad that this resource existed for writers who are on their journey and need a little bit of advice from people who are also on their journey, though perhaps a few steps ahead.

When this started, I was at work on the first Mark Mallen novel, Untold Damage (which at the time was called "The Needle and the Damage Done").

Each of the contributors here cared, that's what I loved about it. Any post that was published here was written by someone who wanted to help other people.

I'm very glad I was a part of this place, even if it was in a small way.


Robert K. Lewis

RSMellette said...

When this blog started, I had just shelved my first MS and parted ways with my agent. In effect, I was starting again from scratch.

Matt accepted some of my short stories for his anthologies, and later, Billy Bobble Makes A Magic Wand. I'm a big fan of Elephant's Bookshelf Press. Matt is a great editor/publisher.

Just last week I got back with my old agent. We're taking my first MS out again, Matt has the next in the Billy Bobble series, and I'm moving forward with a team on a TV series.

So life is good. I'll miss everyone here - but plan to stay in touch.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Matt Sinclair said...

(Wish we all spoke a little dolphin. It would be a saner, safer world.)

Sophie Perinot said...

Jeff, thanks for being such a loyal reader over the years.

Jemi Fraser said...

When we started here at From the Write Angle all those years ago, I was SUCH a newbie! Still feel that way a lot of the time, but I've learned a ton from my colleagues and from being a part of this wonderful blogging community. I'm still honing my craft, but I'm hoping it won't be too long now before my Bloo Moose stories are ready to be out and about in the real world!

A big hug and thank you to all of our fabulous commenters and visitors over the years. Hope to keep seeing you around the 'verse!

R.C. Lewis said...

In the way-back-when, I was still querying, my third manuscript to go through the trenches. I knew the rest of the FTWA crew from query critiquing and slogging and refining on AQC.

When we launched FTWA, I was just about to come up with the idea for the story that would become my debut (Stitching Snow). Now I've got my second novel (Spinning Starlight) coming out next week.

I would not have gotten to this point without my writer-friends, and the writing community is something that thankfully continues on.