Sunday, May 13, 2012

Welcome New FTWA Bloggers!

I know! It's the weekend and we're posting on From the Write Angle! Quick! Grab your emergency kits because this is an emergency broadcast.

No, not really. You can relax. This is a good, unexpected call in the middle of the night—kind of like those announcing the birth of a baby. And on this fine Mother's Day, we are announcing the arrival of our bouncing baby ... triplets! Three lovely, baby-faced writers who are joining our FTWA family don't look, act, or behave much like triplets, which is odd don't you think? However, you may just find that these new FTWA family members have enough things in common to give my claim a touch of validity.

Without further ado, I proudly introduce MarcyKate Connolly, Stephen L. Duncan, and Riley Regate!

MarcyKate Connolly

MarcyKate Connolly writes young adult fiction and has a passion for fantasy and sci-fi. She recently made it into The Writer's Voice contest. (If you haven't heard about the contest, don't worry, I hadn't heard about it until just the other day. Making a team in the contest is a pretty big deal from what I can tell—so a huge congrats to MarcyKate.) She also had a smashing story about fleeting moments and how meeting one person can impact your life in the Spring Fevers short story anthology. She composes music and has some surprising marketing and HTML skills.

Her first post will be on the topic of writing conferences and will air here on May 16th.

She also blogs at, and she can also be found on Twitter.

Stephen L. Duncan 

Stephen L. Duncan adds a little more testosterone to the FTWA mix and is also a young adult specialist. His first book in The Revelation Saga is due out in 2014. His stories are inspired by his travels around the world and the characters he’s met. His first book was pitched as "a sweeping adventure with elements of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Harry Potter." Yeah, that gets a person interested! Stephen is a new papa and enjoys playing guitar. (Real guitar—not that Rock Band stuff. Although that's fun too.)

His first post will be on following your dreams, meeting your goals, and reaching that finish line and will air on May 14th. (That's tomorrow!)

When he's not on FTWA you can find him blogging at and also tweeting.

Riley Redgate 

Riley Redgate, the third born of the triplets, also writes young adult science fiction. While she doesn't have a special in with strange worlds (as far as we know), she does have a special in with the YA audience as she recently turned eighteen. While Riley is young, she already knows more about writing than many aspiring writers and is ready to take on the world and prove that if you have what it takes, age is irrelevant. She likes to play piano and is an optimistic kind of gal.

If you missed Riley's first FTWA post about coming of age last week, be sure to pop over and read it.

Riley can also be found blogging in her mighty little jungle, or tweeting.


With thanks to these lovely new members, the From the Write Angle team is back up to a lovely fifteen. (For those less into math it means that you should see each of us roughly once every five weeks or so.) As well, we'd like to mention at this time that the lovely and talented Robert K. Lewis and Darke Conteur are taking a sabbatical of sorts from FTWA, but you can still find them hanging out on their own blogs. Check the About the Team page under "About the Alumni" for more information on how to contact them.

If you are curious about any of our FTWA members, we encourage you to check out our About the Team page where you will learn interesting things about who lives in money pits, the pitfalls of wooing pretty girls, and other surprising facts. Also be sure to RSS our posts using the nice "Posts" button on the right under "Subscribe to" so you won't miss a thing!

As well, we take turns tweeting under the @writeangleblog handle on Twitter and occasionally can be found stumbling around on our Facebook page. Join us! We don't bite—much. (And those of us that do have had their rabies vaccination updated. I checked.)

Only a few short months ago, I (Jean Oram) joined the From the Write Angle blog and it already feels like home. In no time at all, I am sure these folks will feel as at home here as they do thanks to our wonderful and loyal readers.

So, without further ado, welcome to our new members!


JeffO said...

Welcome aboard! I look forward to your posts.

Sophie Perinot said...

Happy Mothers Day to ME!!! What a terrific present for the rest of us!!! Those of you who don't yet know Marcy, Stephen and Riley are in for an ENORMOUS treat!

Jemi Fraser said...

I agree with Sophie - having our triplets join us at FTWA is a huge treat! :)

RSMellette said...

Yes, glad to have them - especially since I've been busy with Dances With Films and having had a spare moment to blog here ... but have tons of posts for filmmakers there.

Thanks for carrying my weight for a while.

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