Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Reasons Why Writers Love Writers

by Jean Oram

In April, here on From the Write Angle, I shared some ways in which writers may not be showing each other the love (15 Reasons Other Writers Aren't Showing Your The Love--pet peeves) and ways to remedy that. While collecting pet peeves from other writers, I had a request to also share what we love about other writers.

There are many reasons to love other writers (12 of them are listed here), but for me, one of the main reasons is humanity. At the end of the day, we are just humans needing that connection and understanding. And by hanging out with other writers we receive that understanding, support, and vital connections.

Today's post is about sharing the love so get ready for the warm and fuzzies, because here it comes….

5 12 Reasons Writers Share the Love With Other Writers

1. Writers are a Generous Lot

Where else in the world would someone consistently take time off their own work or from their precious "passion" (i.e. writing) time to help others improve themselves (i.e critique)? Writers have a generosity in their hearts that causes them to reach out and help others who have been struck by the same passion.

And their blog contests… man, some writers spend a lot of money on prizes. (Why? 'Cause they love you, baby!)

How can you get in on the love? Share. Be generous with your time. Use 5-10% of your writing time to give back to other writers and be amazed at what happens!

2. Writers are Supportive

I can't count the number of times I've had other writers pull me up, dust me off, pat me on the back before pulling me back into the fray with an encouraging smile. I've never met such a supportive group. They even help each other publicize each other's books and of course buy a copy at full price when it is released. They even give each other glowing reviews.

How can you get in on the love? Find yourself a posse of writer friends possibly via #1 above. Support others and they will return in kind.

3. Writers Don't Get All Competitive, They Collaborate

Writers collaborate in an amazing number of ways. They critique each other's work, share information in their writing groups (online and off), help with cover designs and recommendations, shoot off contest information to each other, share hot agent information and the best way to approach them, etc.

Writers are an awesome group, but I mean, honestly. Who in their right mind shares awesome tidbits of information with their mega awesome writer friends who are also their competition? Yet we always make room for each other knowing that there is room for us all if we are good, good, good. (Sure, we may occasionally get a little green around the gills or hold off a day or two before sharing precious, hot, insider info with our friends--but not very often!)

We are in it for the good, and in it for the bad.

How can you get in on the love? Join a writers group. Collaborate, share, and suddenly, you will be someone in the know, who is lovely, helpful and suddenly getting a ton of love. (Can't say I didn't warn you.)

4. Writers are Imaginative, Passionate People Who "Get it"

I'm used to stumbling around the neighbourhood in my own little world. You know the song, "One of these things is not like the other." Yeah, that's me. So finding a group of people (through online writing groups) who think an adverb joke is funny, read like it is the key to their very existence, and are like, "Hell yeah!" when asked if a story about a kid ghost getting stuck in a wall might be cool, is like finding a personal piece of the good world here on earth.

How can you get in on the love? Hang out with other writers. You may find them in your family, in your local community, or hiding out online. Wherever you find them, connect. Laugh. Enjoy.

5. BONUS ROUND! Let's Hear it From Other Writers on Why Writers Rock!

(By the way, all of these kind writers shared their love and offered me these quotes to use when I posted a request over on the online writer's community AgentQuery Connect. That's right, they are sharing the love! Thanks, guys!)

SC_Author: Their kindness, their passion, and above all, their company when things get too dark.

Rick Pieters: The many voices from many places offering help and camaraderie, support and direction in a turbulent, ever-changing sea, recognizing that, no matter their level, they (we) are in the ark together. And some wicked good humor.

Caterina Torres: What I love about other writers is their passion to do what they love and making new friendships with people who like to talk about the same things I do.

Stephanie Diaz: I love their quirkiness and willingness to pour their soul into words.

Jeanne: The emotional support. Their passion for what they do despite mind-numbing rejections and disappointments. I think I admire my fellow writers for their ability to get up from the mat over and over again to play another match. (Is that a bad metaphor?)

Jemi Fraser: Their willingness to help and share their ups & downs openly! :)

Anya Harker: Because other writers know what you're going through -- they've been there. They get the agony of a failed query letter or the annoyances that come when your MC has her own ideas of what should happen next in the plot. They get deadlines: self-imposed or otherwise. More than that, they get the fact that writing is life and life is writing.

Revo: They taste just like chicken?

Now that you have looked at your fellow writers From the Write Angle, who you gonna love? Yeah, that's right. You gonna love those writerly dudes you hang with. But tell me, why do you love other writers? Who's made your day lately?

Jean Oram is a writer who tries to share the love as well as everything she pours into her brain on writing on her blog. She is also trying this whole platform building thing with her nonfiction manuscript at It's All Kid's You can find Jean Pinning, Tweeting, and Facebooking and .


Kela McClelland said...

This is a fantastic post. I love to support and be supported. To promote and be promoted. To boast about another writer and know that my words made them feel good. To be cheered on when I'm revising the same MS repeatedly :p and to be picked up when I feel like that MS is going to be eternally kicking my ass. Writers are awesome and I love them all for that awesomeness. We write for the love of writing and the love from and for other writers helps keep that passion alive.

Who's made my day lately? That's a tough one. The writers over at AQC who recently landed agents (RC included). I love to see the success. A few of my writer buddies (you (Jean) included) make my day all the time with the supportive tweets/retweets, kind words, and friendly chats. I have an awesome critique group and two awesome CPs. Who are now friends and they still know how to tell me what needs fixed and what works fabulously. Those are just a few people who've made my day lately.

If I continue to talk about the awesomeness of the writers I know, this comment would be more like a blog post...oh, it already is huh?

Lol. Okay, I'm done. Hope you have a fantastic Friday :D

DeniseCovey _L_Aussie said...

I adore this post. The only thing better that the support of our online blogging writers' community is when a favourite blogger moves to your town and you connect at your local Writers Centre and then you start your own Writers Group! Awesome post.


E. M. LaBonte said...

You make my day every day, along with several other amazing writers. Awesome post!

Writers are generous and at the same time are not afraid to tell it like it is. Giving supportive words and suggestions to help you grow.

Lynn Proctor said...

so nice to find other bloggers--i am still learning the ropes on this blogging community and other than commenting, i am finding myself a little lost---

Debra McKellan said...

HA! Revo. This is why I miss AQC, but my new laptop arrived, so I will be back tonight.

I love writers because when I mention acting out a scene before you write it, it's like I just said I drank some water today. They get the weird things you have to do to be a writer.

People who have made my day lately: EF Jace (the last person I asked about acting out scenes) and Kela McClelland, whose tweets are so quirky but I GET THEM!! <3

Jean Oram said...

Everyone's wonderful comments have me grinning!

Kela, aren't writers the best? :D I love hearing about other's success as well. It's inspiring!

Denise, meeting bloggers in real life would be fabulous! I haven't had that opportunity yet, but I think it would be very sweet!

E.M., thanks. The feeling is mutual! :D I know I can count on my CPs to tell it like it is. They are so kind about it too. Love it.

Lynn, thanks for commenting. That's the first way to jump into the blogging community--let them know you are there. Leave your blog link in your comment so folks can follow back to your blog, and of course, blog regularly. (That helps people get in the habit of coming and checking you out regularly.) Guest posting on other blogs can also help get the buzz out about your blogging venture. But most of all--have fun and be you. :)

Debra, glad you have a laptop back up and running. Yay! While I occasionally want to dash mine against the floor, I never do for fear of what life would be like without it! ;) And I love your analogy for acting out scenes. Writers just nod their head and are like, "Uh, huh. And what did you learn?" None of that you-are-crazy-where-is-the-staight-jacket-please look you might get from others.

Thanks for your comments and sharing the love my writer friends!

LD Masterson said...

When I first started reaching out to the writing community, I was stunned at the support writers give each other. We are, after all, each other's competition but I've never heard anything but celebration when someone gets an agent or is offered a contract. And everyone is promoting everyone else's books - even when they have one of their own coming out at the same time. Who else does that?

Rick Pieters said...

Yup, yup, yup! Feelin' the love in your post, Jean. Always do, though.

We're not crazy, just writers.

Oh, and about that wicked humor I mentioned, Revo--chicken?? Mwa ha ha. Love it.

Jean Oram said...

LD, isn't it something? It continually impresses me as well. (And I have no idea who else does that. Actors maybe??? Maybe not.)

Rick, thanks for your quote. Revo's quote cracked me up too. (Glad you felt the love.)

Jemi Fraser said...

Love Revo's quote!! :)

Who makes my day? You and Cali do it consistenly! AQ & especially all the good news going on there lately! Blog buddies who are so kind and friendly & always willing to help :)

E.B. Black said...

Here are a few reasons why I love writers:

1. They get why I make the decisions I do. When I tell my friends that the novel I worked on for two years got 60 rejections and that I feel it's not good enough to self-publish, they think that it must automatically be good enough just because I actually finished a novel and that I just need to send my manuscript directly to publishers and then I will be making millions of dollars. Other writers get these things realistically. They know it's not that easy to get a book deal and that I'm trying to make good career moves. They get that writing a novel can, in some cases, be purely a learning experience, even though you make no money off of it and that that isn't a loss.

2. They know what they are talking about when they read my manuscripts. My boyfriend doesn't try to sugarcoat stuff, but he still doesn't get a lot about the techniques and problems in writing enough to point all of them out to me. He feels too affectionate towards me, too, so even when my writing is crappy, he loves it because *I* did it. Other writers will find all kinds of things I did wrong, not let their emotions get in the way of critiquing me, and will find things other people can't see. They help me so much on improving my craft. Basically, they've taught me so much in this and other areas.

3. They won't get bored talking about writing or reading one of my manuscripts like a "normal" person would. What fascinates me, fascinates them.

Jean Oram said...

Back at you, Jemi! You have some very fantastic blog buddies--I can see how they would make your day as well. Thanks!

E.B. You listed some great things to love about writers for sure! And #3--totally! I love how writers can rehash the very things that I am hoping they will be up for rehashing. Thanks for your list!