Friday, November 16, 2012

The Super Askgiving Publishing and Writing Questions Call Out

By Jean Oram and the whole From the Write Angle crew

Does something have you stumped about writing or publishing? Is there something you've always wondered about, but haven't found anyone to ask?

If you've got questions about writing and publishing this is your moment! (Even if you think you don't have any questions, this is still your moment!)

Details on the Askgiving Super-Mega Thank You to Our Readers Post

As a thank you for reading From the Write Angle, we would like to help you out this Thanksgiving. (Or… Askgiving you may call it from now on.)

Starting today we're asking you to send us your publishing and writing questions. It can be silly, curiosity-driven, deep, secret--whatever! The fifteen of us here at From the Write Angle have a wide variety of writing and publishing experience and would love to share our knowledge, tips, opinions, and expertise.

For example, we have experience in the following areas (as a few examples off the top of my head--you aren't limited to these topics): query letters, synopsis writing, grammar, short story writing, freelance writing, editing and editors, social media, nonfiction platform building, literary agent relationships (not dating them, but getting them, breaking up with them, working with them, communicating with them, etc.), getting The Call, blogging, working with a publishing house editor, handling book reviews, book cover design, starting your own indie publishing/writing business, author website design, Young Adult trends, self-publishing, the erotica market, writing/submitting for magazines/newspapers, balancing writing and 'real' life, NaNoWriMo, research for your novels, the children's market (MG and picture book), conferences, writing your pitch, writing scripts for television and movies, hiring an editor, starting your own author newsletter, the future of publishing, marketing/publicity, and much, much more!

All you have to do to is pop your question in the comment section of THIS POST. Or, if you would rather, you can email us your question at (Please put ASKGIVING in the subject line so we don't miss it.)

You have until midnight Monday, November 19th, 2012 to ask your question.

On Black Friday, the day after American Thanksgiving, i.e. November 23rd, we will publish a new post here on From the Write Angle that will include your questions (anonymously) and our replies.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing your questions. If you have friends who have burning questions about writing and publishing, send them our way. The more the merrier around the From the Write Angle Askgiving table. (Pass the pie!)

Thank you for reading From the Write Angle.

NOTE: Questions and comments are now closed. See you on Friday for our replies.


JeffO said...

Hmm, I'll have to think about this. Whether I submit a question or not, thanks for doing this, I look forward to seeing the post.

SC Author said...

1. What if you have very different books? Should you sacrifice an agent who would be PERFECT for the first book, in exchange for an agent who would be mediocre for both?

2. What if you have too much going, plot wise, in your book, but one event leads to another which leads to another; in other words, it's all connected. How do you pare it down?

SC Author said...
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SC Author said...

Thanks for doing this by the way :)

Michelle 4 Laughs said...

Times have changed. I think we all know that publisher expect authors to help with marketing and promoting their own books now.

What sorts of things do you do to promote? I'm guessing you can't rely only on your own social media. You have to go beyond that to reach out to people who are unknown. How do you get yourself in front of readers?

Joey Francisco said...'s my question. A doozie. And I thought of it during my really long walk/run tonight.

With all the merges/acquisitions going on in the world of publishing, where do you see the literary future?

In the hands of megapubs or in the hands of those who march to their own drummer (self-pub)?